When we make a website, we start with the banner because that's your identity badge. Usually, the banner takes up a lot of space, right up top, so it has to work hard to earn its keep. The banner for the Essential Handyman, like all of our banners, is a Wordrocket original, designed to convey a friendly, retro vibe as it also conveys reliability and professionalism.

It's critically important that all components enhance the theme and attitude that the banner announces. So we're really particular about our wall papers. In this case, we used retro illustrations from our huge archive of images. Then we set them on the cool-green background and sized them so that they'd be recognizable but not distracting. The effect is that the Essential Handyman looks like he's part of a community. It also serves to show the many things he can do. And it conveys a sense of busyness -- this man is working.

Keep it simple! Nowhere is this more important than in your navigation. We avoid anything that may distract your readers or waste their time. That's why we never use drop-down menus. Our what-you-see-is-what-you-get nvagiation encourages the reader to click and enter your site.

We incorporate graphics to enhance your presentation and hold the reader's attention. You've probably noticed that the internet is all about graphics.

Communication is key. We include a quick email form, sometimes on every page, to encourage readers to respond. This is much better than making readers use their own email.

Many times (but not always) less is more. This is especially true of the internet, where everybody is browsing and scanning. The challenge is to keep it simple and interesting and colorful.

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