Some extremely smart and interesting people call Wordrocket Media their professional home: writers, artists, researchers, designers, analysts, and inventors.

Ron, writer and web designer, says, "I have always enjoyed making things -- all kinds of things. I especially like making things that give pleasure and offer clarity."

Riko, Wordrocket's artistic wrangler, says: "I'm like the air we breathe at Wordrocket. It's heavily scented with the smells of fresh paper, oil paint, and warm computer hardware. You mix that all together, sometimes in odd combinations, and you get me."

Jill, Wordrocket's aesthetic consultant, says, "My background in art and rhetoric gives me the eye to tell what is and isn't working and the common sense to say,THIS is it!(Or not.)"

Lauren, Wordrocket's media liaison, says, "I see words as I see my old dog Boomer--if you don't scratch them just right, you're asking for an ankle pocked with toothmarks and a shoe full of spit."

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